Apparently, more than three quarters of construction workers use their phones when they should be working instead. With pages like On The Tools though, it’s understandable.

But construction workers aren’t the only ones though. Apparently, on average, British workers spend 120 hours a year on their phone during work. These figures are according to a study from LaptopsDirect, which found that 78% of workers also regularly stop working to reply to a text message.

Not only that, but 59% of over two thousand respondents also revealed that they regularly took time from doing their work to answer personal phone calls. A further 52% admitted that they also responded to messages from apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook, with 9% also regularly send a snapchat.

Unsurprisingly though, more than a third regularly checked their social media accounts whilst in the work place too. Can’t miss out on any hilarious On The Tools banter can we!

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Overall though, construction workers weren’t the worst for using their phones whilst at work. Instead, they ranked fifth with office jobs such as marketing, accountancy and law ranking higher.

The marketing director of LaptopsDirect was not surprised by these results though. He stated that, “it’s no surprise we are addicted to our smartphones.”

“However overuse during working hours can add up, leaving a serious shortfall in productivity.”

“Use of smartphones and social media in the workplace can lead to hundreds of thousands of hours of lost productivity per year, which could cost UK companies millions of pounds.”

So what do you think? Do you check your phone a lot whilst at work? Let us know in the comments below.


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