“Where’s the justice in that?”

Electrician Fran Tole, aged 47, reported a crime to the police last Wednesday morning regarding his expensive work equipment being stolen from his van. He had managed to catch the entire crime on tape via his CCTV cameras and felt this would be crucial evidence in the investigation. However, things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. The police responded that they were “too busy” to investigate.

The police stated that they could not help due to “cutbacks” and therefore it wasn’t a “priority crime” to investigate. Now though, Mr Tole has been forced to take action himself. He has shared the full nineteen minutes of footage on his Facebook page, offering a reward to anyone who can help him catch the thief.

Within the footage, it displays a white, middle-aged man with a large build and limp get out of a Vauxhall Astra and head towards the victim’s van. The thief is then seen to make several trips back and forth between the two vehicles. He also appears to have broken into another white transit van parked metres away from Mr Trole’s!

The victim expressed his frustration regarding the matter though stating: “I don’t really understand it. The footage is all there for them, it’s not like they have to go door to door to obtain CCTV.”

He continued, “If I had no evidence, then fair enough I would understand that I could be wasting their time. But when you have clear-cut evidence on two cameras and they refuse to do anything, it just leaves you pulling your hair out.”

Due to health problems and looking after his eleven-year-old daughter though, Mr Tole can only work part time. Therefore, it will take him years to replace what was taken. He revealed, “it’s my livelihood that will suffer because they couldn’t be bothered to come out and see me for almost a week after the crime.”

Mr Tole added, “this guy is wrecking tradesmen’s lives and needs to be caught. There have been 27 similar break-ins in the area recently. If the criminals know the police aren’t bothered then they are going to keep offending. Where’s the justice in that?”

What do you think? Are cutbacks allowing criminals get away with it? Take a look at Mr Tole’s footage below and let us know.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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