Apparently, many construction workers regularly go to work when they are either ill or injured! This isn’t just with a sniffle either. According to research, some construction workers go to work in such a state, they are unable to work effectively or complete tasks to a suitable standard.

According to the survey, 90% of British construction workers admitted that they went to work when ill or injured. 47% revealed though that this was because they were a self-employed contractor or freelancer.Because of this, they were not entitled to sick pay from their employers. Therefore, they chose to go to work due to finances and bills, despite the additional damage it was doing.

Not only that, but a further 21% revealed that they went to work because they were unsure of the sick pay rules!

Money and financial pressures were identified as the main reason construction workers continued to work despite being ill or injured. Alongside this, it was also found that over half of workers also feared that if they had time off, they would lose their job. An additional 21% also wanted to protect their image. They “did not want younger colleagues thinking they were getting too old for the job.”

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This study was conducted by Their CEO stated: “It’s extremely worrying to see the results of this study.”

“Perhaps these results indicate that more needs to be done when it comes to helping hardworking individuals feel secure in their employment after years of dedicated service to a particular industry.”

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