A tradesman has recently issued a “selfish” driver with a £385 DIY parking ticket after his van was boxed in, leaving him unable to get to work.

The fifty year old tradesman described that parking near his home in in Bishops Stortford is an “absolute nightmare”. He states that this is due to a lack of residential parking permits and new yellow lines. So, when Stuart Barber left his home to find that his van was blocked in, he took matters into his own hands.

He described: “You get to the point where you have to start making a stand.”

“We just have a really serious parking problem on Rhodes Avenue.”

“Every morning is an absolute rat race with idiot commuters and office workers in Stortford and people going to Stansted on their holidays.”

“I’ve had people parking across the bottom of my drive blocking me in for days while they’ve gone on holiday.”

“It’s madness.”

When parking up, Mr Barber described that he parked as close to his son’s car as possible in order to allow another car to be able to park. However, despite this, the angry tradesman described that the driver decided to park their car nose to nose with the van. And, in doing so, leaving themselves a gap of around four feet behind them.

When he was first faced with the issue, Mr Barber called the police to report that he had been blocked in. He described: “Normally the police are cool, they ask the registration number and then call them up and say ‘you are blocking someone, you need to move’.”

“This time they called me up and said ‘sorry we can’t find a number for the person’ which is fine but then I get a phone call from a PCSO and she was fuming.”

“She said I can’t invoice people for parking and that it was my fault for backing up against my son, and she removed the invoice.”

He added, “We accept the fact that we are in an area without controlled parking but when people park like d**** there’s no excuse.”

“You just think ‘I wouldn’t dream of doing that’.”

“People are so selfish and extremely rude – the amount of residents who have had mouthfuls off them is ridiculous.”

“I’ve been told to f*** off a number of times, and my partner has been sworn at too.”

“The lack of support or empathy from the council and the police just makes it worse.”

So what do you think of this? Are you struggling with parking recently? Does more need to be done about the issue? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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