No parent should have to hear that their child has cancer. And no child should have to go through it. But, unfortunately, the parents of Charlie Proctor are now racing against time to save their young boy.

Diagnosed back in 2016 with a rare form of liver cancer which tends to be found in young children, the now 5-year-old managed to beat the odds and thanks to the doctors treating him, he was cured. However, unfortunately, this year, everyone’s worst nightmare happened, the cancer came back.

Returning to his liver, it has now also spread to both of his lungs too. Undergoing treatment here in the UK, chemotherapy was trying to rid the cancer before Charlie could have the necessary transplants needed to save his life. Unfortunately though, the chemotherapy hasn’t worked. And, whilst it’s slowing the growth of the cancer, it’s not going to cure him.

Instead, his family are now having to look at alternate treatments abroad. And, of course, these also come with hefty price tags. There is a hospital in Cincinnati which have agreed to take him and give him the life-saving treatment he needs. However, to get there, Charlie’s parents Amber and Ben need to raise over £800,000.

Currently, they have raised around £340,000 but they still have a long way to go and the couple is having to face the prospect that they may not get the money they need. But, they haven’t given up. Instead, they are hoping that through donations, they can raise enough.

In a heartbreaking post on his Facebook page, they described: “This is the hardest post I hope to ever write.”

“If nothing is done, the next post will be that Charlie has taken his last breath.”

“This is it…”

“His cancer is growing faster than we expected in both his liver and lungs.”

“We knew if money wasn’t raised that this would be his last Christmas. Our last Christmas with our baby.”

“We knew he would have his last ever birthday in April… we planned it all and within 2 minutes of talking to Dr Brennan our world crumbled.”

“How can a parent, who’s already planning the last few months of their child’s life, feel any worse?… by hearing the words… ‘He has 4-6 weeks of life left’.”

“That’s how.”

“This was nearly 4 weeks ago [as of the 10th October].”

“Charlie has 2 weeks left to breathe, 14 days to see the world, 336 hours to spend with his little sister, his baby sister he won’t get to see grow.”

“You thinks that’s hard to hear?”

“Try speaking to a Dr on the other side of the world who has hope for Charlie, who is confused why Charlie isn’t already cancer free, who has had cases WORSE than Charlie that are now living normal lives.”

“Charlie will die here. Fact!”

“And very soon!”

“If there was no hope I would come to terms with this and start to prepare but how can I when I know he can have a life!”

“I’ve just spoken with Dr Geller tonight and it breaks my heart each time!”

“I cry to him.”

“He wants us there next week.”

“He WANTS Charlie in his hands. We want Charlie in his hands! Charlie NEEDS to be there!”

“We need your help!”

So please, if you think you can help Charlie and lend a hand to his parents getting the donations they need to save their little boy, then head over to his GoFundMe page here.

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