“My name’s Ben and I’m addicted to dating older women.”

Ben has been dating older women for the past four years since he was sixteen. Preferring to date women between the ages of sixty and eighty, he described that he likes the skin and their smell. But, mostly, he is attracted to their mentality.

He added: “I love dentures.”

“I know most women can be self-conscious about dentures, but you know, I love them.”

An apprentice carpenter, Ben’s oldest girlfriend was ninety-five and he has never dated anyone under sixty. Meeting most of his partners online, Ben’s dating life is a secret to most of the people he knows.

Whilst filming though, Ben set up a date with a lady he found on a dating app, Betty. At sixty-one, she’s got everything he’s looking for in a woman. Platinum hair, a great body and really adventurous. Living in Brighton, she has three kids and is retired.

He added: “I find a lot of old women surprisingly turn me down.”

“You wouldn’t really think that you know, the opportunity to date a younger guy and all of that stuff but surprisingly, they don’t seem to like it much .”

“The first time I realised I wanted to date older women was in secondary school.”

“I had this teacher, she used to wear the same fleece jumper every day.”

“She was gorgeous and I’ve never looked at anyone, you know, younger than sixty.”

Working as an apprentice, Ben has kept his lifestyle a secret from his colleagues as he is worried about what they might say if they found out. In fact, Ben’s best friend Tommy is the only person who knows about his lifestyle choice.

During filming, we were able to capture Ben on his date with Betty. However, after a successful date, Ben decided she wasn’t the one. Instead, his plan is to finish his apprenticeship and then move down to Eastbourne to play the field a little bit.

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