The construction site. Home to all sorts of people from the labourers to the sparks. Going about their day to day work, there’s always someone up to something different. But, in amongst this, are your stereotypes, your predictabilities. Certain behaviours you tend to see on every site (like an apprentice on their phone), very similar to that of animals in the wild…

Well, in this very spirit. We decided to create a video David Attenborough style, taking this approach to the lads on site. First up, we have your classic workers taking a well earned rest after a hard 20 minutes worth of graft. That is, until they’re startled by a surprise predator… the site manager! This soon snaps them into gear!

Next, Attenborough takes a look at lunch on site. Delicately putting it, he describes: “It’s feeding time for this hungry brute.”

“With the amount this wild beast can consume, he won’t need to eat again… for at least an hour.”

Our on site Attenborough then moves on to the apprentice, prided for his tea making skills. Likened to a baby animal, this tradesman is in his infancy, learning from his elders with the hope of becoming a “fully fledged adult”.

And, finally, no site is complete without the labourer. Termed one of the more simpler species, he is captured trying to lace up a work boot. And there we have it, construction site, Attenborough style.

Take a look at the video itself here:

Created with Scruffs Workwear, this video took our audience by storm racking up 10.4 million views (and counting). With loads of people tagging their mates and commenting on the video, it looks like they’re loving the Attenborough vibe. But what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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