The Band of Builders is well known within the construction industry for their incredible work. From renovating Rocklands Special School back in May to working on a project for a fellow tradesman in need, the Band of Builders has helped many people across 2017.

Raising awareness for their cause along the way, they’ve also seen massive growth in the past year, with tradespeople from across the country showing their support.

One of their biggest achievements last year though was the Christmas cake run and raffle. The cake in question travelled a whopping 5,268 miles across the UK, before being given to Keith’s widow Sasha, which is where the Band of Builders all began. Take a look at the story behind Band of Builders here.

The signed flag and cake at Rocklands School.

Starting off in County Durham, the cake set off on its journey on the 17th October where it travelled all the way to Scotland. Then, it headed back down South to a Band of Builder’s project. There, the team were helping out a fellow tradesperson, Dan, who has a terminal brain tumour. Kitting out his garden, the Band of Builders completely transformed the space for Dan and his family to enjoy.

Dan and his family!

Then, following a stop at the project, the cake was off again. It went all around Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland; it even ended up in the hands of Nick Knowles whilst working on a DIY SOS project! Travelling through numerous landmarks too, the cake saw the Angle of the North, Alrewas War Memorial and Windsor Castle, to name just a few!

Nick Knowles with members of the Band of Builders!

One amazing tradesperson even did a 700-mile round trip to ensure the cake got to where it needed to be! Driving from his home in Blackpool, he set out on a trip to Carlisle in Scotland to pick up the cake. Then, he travelled back through Blackpool to collect his family before taking the cake to Dan’s project in Essex. All in one day!

What an incredible guy!

The flag being signed by those at Rocklands School.

The cake didn’t travel alone though. Along with all of the members and supporters of Band of Builders that it came into contact with along the way, the cake was also accompanied by a large Band of Builders flag. This was signed by all of those involved, including us here at On The Tools.

Once signed by everyone involved, the flag was to be auctioned off at the Band of Builders raffle to help raise money in order to help others.

The cake and flag made it’s way to the OTT offices!

After a long journey though, up and down the country, the cake and flag finally reached their last destination: Lincoln. There, the Band of Builders Christmas auction took place on the 16th December. With the signed flag auctioned off for a whopping £2,900, the cake was finally delivered to Sasha, Keith’s widow.

The signed Band of Builders flag and cake!

Overall, the cake went on quite a journey! Travelling a whopping 5,268 miles, it passed through 188 members and supporters of the Band of Builders.

As a fantastic way to end a great year for the Band of Builders, this cake run was a massive success for the cause. And, with their next project set to begin in February, the Band of Builders aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Instead, 2018 is likely to be another monumental journey for the group!

Make sure you go and check out the Band of Builders Facebook page here.

So what do you think of this? Did you take part? Let us know in the comments below.

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