The British public have been warned to be home by 6pm today with temperatures in parts of the country set to plummet.

Being termed the ‘Beast from the East’, we could see temperatures as low as -15C this week. And, up to 12 inches of snow! So, in classic British style, whenever we have any sort of weather other than wind and rain, Brits are being warned to stock up on food and medical supplies for the blizzard ahead.

Southeastern have also warned that the heavy snow is set to cause big problems with public transport too. And, with cold air coming in from Russia, parts of the country are even set to feel colder than the Arctic Circle.

Our icy winds could even rival countries such as Norway and Iceland as temperatures plummet towards -15C. By the end of Wednesday, the Met Office have predicted that parts of the country could see more than 20cm of snow too.

Great! We all love freezing our bollocks off and trying to dig in rock solid ground.

The Weather Channel described: “The extensive depression will become centred over southwestern parts of the British Isles overnight into Friday.”

“Setting up a strong pressure gradient and causing gusty easterly winds.”

“Blizzard conditions are likely over higher ground.”

“There is the risk of significant disruption on Friday across the British Isles when the warm front from Iberia edges northwards to northern England and Scotland.”

“Up to 30cm’s of snow is possible over south-eastern Ireland, south-west England, Wales to the Midlands.”

“Which will be most intense during the early hours of Friday.”

“The band of snow will move north during Friday afternoon and it will become drier and less windy over the south.”

Snow day Friday anyone?

With all these warnings, and predicted weather conditions, it has been advised for people to stock up on their medical supplies too. This is because the NHS is predicted to suffer under the extra strain caused by the ‘Beast from the East’. Dr Thomas White described: “Cold temperatures, indoors and out, pose real health risks to many and every winter we know that thousands of people get ill and even die following exposure to cold conditions.”

“As forecasters tell us temperatures will fall, it’s critical that if you know anyone over 65, with young children or who has heart or lung conditions, that you keep an eye on them and think what help they may need.”

“Staying warm by heating your home to at least 18°C can be crucial to stay well.”

It has also been asked the public look out for the homeless at this time too. Reporting anyone who is sleeping rough to their local councils.

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