There’s one thing that all trades have in common. And no, it’s not the annoying customers. Instead, it’s that there is never one singular way to run a business in this industry. People will say you have to do this, others will say you have to have that. It’s no wonder people are overwhelmed at the thought of starting a business.

So, we teamed up with job management software company Tradify. They sat down with over 20 trade business owners to find out who they employ and why. So if you’re wondering who you should work with, or who you should or shouldn’t have in your business, read on.

First up is the apprentice. Some people consider apprentices to be the lifeblood of the industry. Lynn Hill, owner of Sunset Canvas, has a constant flow of apprentices coming through the business. Some last, some don’t. Others are great. And, well, some are not so great.

Either way, implementing an apprenticeship scheme will ultimately give you a steady stream of workers. They might be green and need a bit of hand-holding, but the investment will be well worth it, even if you’re a tiny operation. In the end, you’ll get a worker who knows your processes and operates as you do. Brilliant!

Qualified Tradesperson
Not only that but apprentices who last will also become your certified workers too (in theory anyway). In saying that though, you should constantly keep an eye out for certified workers. Yes, they cost a fair bit more than apprentices so be sure to tuck a bit of money aside for them.

But, don’t worry if your cash flow isn’t quite at the level it needs to be for a worker. This is because hiring them will actually give you the ability to bring in more work. Just snap them up quickly or someone else will!

Contractors are a short-term solution to help you fill gaps. They won’t always help get your business get where you want it to go, but they can be a useful as a temporary measure.

Team Leader

One of the most important hires you can make is a team leader. They can take the lead out in the field and free up your time to either focus on other tasks or lead another team. This is one way you can really help your business scale.

Office Admin
Do you want to remove yourself from the day-to-day running of the business? Office admins, whether they be full or part-time, can seriously help take a huge amount of workload off your shoulders. You can hire your partner, but it might be better for your relationship to hire someone else.

A salesperson is a great way to grow your business. But you need to make sure your business is running like clockwork first. They’ll bring in plenty of work so make sure you’re set up for it!

Business Manager
Once your trade business is truly established, a business manager will handle the commercial and operational aspects of the business. This is achieved by developing systems and processes to scale the business or duplicate it in another market.


Never underestimate the value of a great accountant, and no they’re not the ‘necessary evil’ tradespeople often think they are. The secret to getting the most out of your accountant is actually paying them for their full services, not just the bare minimum – just like in the trades, right?

But what about the people who shouldn’t be in your business?

Finger Pointers
Well, first up are the finger pointers. Taking responsibility for mistakes is not easy – it takes a certain person. Find such a person who does and hire them (providing they don’t make the same mistakes twice, or too many mistakes at that).

Workers with no drive or intuition

These guys just drain your energy. Look for this in the job interview and trial. If it appears they have no drive or intuition, steer clear. You want proactive workers who can really add value to your business.

This highly depends on your goals for your business as an owner. But, ideally, you shouldn’t have to work in your own business. You want to build a business that doesn’t rely on you being there the whole time. Otherwise, you might as well work for someone else, right? So, put systems in place and technology like Tradify’s job management software to help reduce your businesses’ dependency on you. You’ll never regret it.

It’s easy to use and is an all-in-one tool designed specifically for the trades. Plus, it cuts out the BS from your business. From quotes, invoices, time sheets, reporting, job tracking and scheduling, Tradify lets you do it all from your phone at home, or a desktop on site.

Couldn’t be simpler!

Check out Tradify’s guide on how to motivate those essential members of staff and keep them sticking around here.

So what do you think? Is there anyone you think has been missed out? Let us know in the comments below.

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