With Christmas just around the corner, it’s likely many people across the UK will be dashing around to get last minute presents. However, when in a rush, the likelihood is that some people may buy something on a whim that may not be that well received.

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Scruffs Workwear to take a look at the best, (and worst), presents tradespeople have ever received. So, if you’ve got any tradespeople in your life, make sure you take note!

Starting off with the best presents, tradespeople responded that one of their favourite presents to receive was Band of Builders merchandise. A close-knit movement within the construction industry, the Band of Builders help construction workers in their time of need. And, part of the sales from the merchandise goes towards supporting this. A pretty great present right!

Alongside this, workers also revealed that new tools and work gear were good presents to receive. One tradesperson revealed that the best present he ever received was two Belle wheelbarrows! So, if you’re looking to get the tradesperson in your life some new work stuff, make sure you head over to www.scruffs.com and take a look at their full range of work gear!

Up there at the top, the opportunity to spend time with the people they loved was also a firm favourite among tradespeople. This isn’t surprising either with previous Scruffs research finding that one of the best things about being self-employed was flexible working which allowed workers to spend more time with their family. Take a look at the full report here.

However, alongside the top presents to give a tradesperson, they were also more than willing to share some of the worst presents they’ve ever received.

Unsurprisingly, at the top, was anything to do with Lynx. The token gift to buy any bloke, who would want to smell like a continent? However, despite this, one tradesperson actually admitted that he would miss it if he didn’t receive Lynx every year. He described: “I’ve had that so many times I get p*ssed off if I don’t get it now.”

“It’s the law.”

Alongside the classic Lynx, other tradespeople were more serious in terms of their worst presents. In fact, tradespeople stated that one of the worst gifts was getting laid off at Christmas. With so much money being spent, it is understandable that being laid off is a real blow, especially around Christmas.

However, others stated that having to work at Christmas was also one of the worst presents. Along with their Christmas bonus being cancelled!

Tradespeople also revealed that they’d received a variety of weird and strange presents over the year. From Poundland tools to Pictionary refill packs, tradespeople admitted that they’d received baffling presents in the past. One tradesperson even described that he was given a tap dancing tape for Christmas. Random!

Scruffs described: “It really is funny to see some of the weird presents tradespeople have received.”

“From the strange things to the unnecessary, tradespeople can be hard to buy for.”

“But, one thing is clear, you can’t go wrong with some new work gear!”

“So, if you’ve got a tradesperson in your life that you’re struggling to find the perfect present for, then we’ve got you covered!”

“With a variety of safety footwear and workwear available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift!”

“So, head over to www.scruffs.com now to take a look at our full range!”

So what do you think of this? What is the best (and worst) present you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below.

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