The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has recently revealed his detailed plan to colonise Mars. Detailing what he wants to build first and how much it is set to cost.

Apparently, he plans to land a spacecraft on Mars in 2018. From there, he wants to set things in motion to create a self-sustaining city on the planet. Mr Musk stated: “I want to make Mars seem possible – make it seem as though it is something that we can do in our lifetime.”

“There really is a way that anyone could go if they wanted to.”

Currently, he predicts that a one-way ticket to the planet would cost around $10 billion. However, Mr Musk hopes to reduce this price to around $200,000. This is with the aim of incentivising people to move as this is the price of the average house in the US.

He continues: “then I think the probability of establishing a self-sustaining civilisation is very high.”

“I think it would almost certainly occur.”

According to Musk, the first thing that would need to be built is a ‘space propellant plant’. This is in order to avoid a ‘graveyard’ of rockets that cannot be reused. He explained: “it would be pretty absurd to try to build a city on Mars if your spaceships just stayed on Mars and did not go back to Earth.”

Alongside this, Musk plans to have everything powered by solar panels and warm up the atmosphere. He also remarked that we should become a multi-planetary species as if we remain on earth, he feels that we will be “wiped out by an extinction event.”

Whereas on Mars, the colonisers would be able to develop superhuman strength and the ability to “bound around” due to gravity being around 37% of that on Earth.

This isn’t the only construction work set to involve space either. A design firm in New York also plans to suspend skyscrapers from asteroids! Take a look at their plans here.

So what do you think of this? Would you fancy working on this project? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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