Many people go above and beyond in their jobs. Working over time and taking on extra responsibilities. It’s normal to want to do that bit extra to show your dedication to your job. But, sometimes, inevitably, people can begin to take the p*ss. And, in this case, some homeowners have done exactly that.

A recent survey has found that 65% of tradespeople were asked to “perform duties outside of their job description” by homeowners. Now, if you’ve got a plumber round fixing your toilet, there’s no harm in asking him about your leaking tap. But, some of these requests homeowners asked for were far from anything trade related! But what is it that the British public so desperately need from tradespeople?

Well, according to the research, one of the most common requests that people asked their tradesman was to babysit their children. Since when was that included in the quote? In fact, 1 in 10 tradespeople responded that they had been asked to do this. But that’s not all! A further 36% of tradespeople were asked by a homeowner to make them a hot drink. Cheeky!

Now, whilst these were some of the more common requests, there was also more than enough bizarre ones too. 2% of tradespeople described that they were asked by homeowners to run them a bath! Now, that’s going way beyond the extra mile.

Some other requests made by homeowners was to answer the door for them, pick up the phone for them and do the washing up. It doesn’t end there either. 22% of tradespeople were asked to take the bins out and 18% to vacuum. Other requests included moving furniture, buying groceries for them and taking stuff up to the loft.

Of course, not all of these requests are ridiculous. It’s perfectly reasonable for a homeowner to ask if they could help them move a piece of furniture. Especially if it’s needed for the job. But, stuff like running them a bath and doing their food shop… that’s crazy!

Despite this though, the majority of tradespeople admitted that they were perfectly fine with helping out. And, a further 15% added that they also received a tip for the extra jobs they did.

Further research into the behaviour of homeowners also uncovered some surprising results. Alongside these bizarre requests, homeowners were found to be generally “bad mannered” towards tradespeople. And, some homeowners wouldn’t even let a tradesperson use their toilet! Take a look at the full report here., who conducted the study, shared their thoughts. They described: “It’s good for tradespeople to build a relationship with their clients so that they feel comfortable having them in their home.”

“But taking the bins out, popping to the shops and keeping an eye on the kids is a stretch too far!”

“Tradespeople are not hired help; they are there to do their job and nothing more.”

“Putting expectations on someone can make for an uncomfortable experience all round, so keep the housework and the parenting to yourself!”

So what do you think of this? Have you ever had any weird requests from homeowners? Let us know in the comments below.


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