Boxing Day is celebrated across the country and the world. It is another day to spend time with loved ones, grab a bargain in the sales and eat and drink an obscene amount. But, what is it truly all about?

Well, Boxing Day is actually all about you lot! And no, we don’t mean that it’s all about letting you have a lie in to nurse your hangover or head down the pub. Instead, it actually all goes way back to the seventeenth century and the notion of ‘Christmas Boxes’.

At this time, the apprentice’s of companies would go round to customers with a box to collect money. Then, when the box was full, it would be opened and shared among the workers.

However, over time, these boxes became a bit outdated. Instead, the notion of tipping was introduced instead. However, at this time, it was still customary for it to be termed a ‘Christmas Box’.

It wasn’t until 1830 though that the name ‘Boxing Day’ was established. At this point, it had become common for tradespeople to ask for their Christmas Box the day after Christmas.

Alternative theories though suggest though that instead, Boxing Day originated with the church. Churches would collect money from the congregation throughout the year in an ‘Alms Box’. This was then opened on Christmas Day and given to the poor on Boxing Day.

So what do you think of this? How will you be spending your Boxing Day? Let us know in the comments below.


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