You could be breaking the law just by getting out of bed in the morning and going to work!

How? Well, there are certain hours that construction workers legally cannot work. And, you could be breaking them with the early starts on site.

It’s understandable that these laws are put in place. No one wants to be woken up by a drill going or having someone saw away outside their window.

But, at the same time, you lot have got a job to do. Is construction work supposed to wait until everyone else is up and hangover free? No!

Instead, there are certain laws in place to protect both parties. Now, these vary across countries so could be different depending on where you live. Varying across different councils too, the common hours in which noisy work can take place, according to the law, are:

– Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm
– Saturday from 8am to 1pm
– Bank Holiday Sunday’s… none!

Of course, this again varies between different councils, and there could be different rules. But, these times could be worth noting.

But what about when it comes to DIY? Surely the same rules apply?

Well, local authorities do recognise that the likelihood is that DIY will need to be carried out outside of these time frames. Therefore, some councils have different guidelines on this. For example, East Devon’s policy details:

“Try to carry out unavoidable noisy activities in sociable hours, which the National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection defines as being between 8am and 7pm weekdays and Saturday and between 10am and 5pm Sundays.”

Not only that, but there are some discrepancies on what actually constitutes as ‘noisy work’. For example, noisy work can take place as long as there is no audible sound at the edge of the boundary. So, there’s no real issue with turning up on site early, as long as there’s no excessively noisy work taking place.

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