Apparently, bricklayers earn a whopping £50,000 a year. This is possibly due to the skills shortage as it allows them to command an hourly rate of £24 an hour.

This is according to a report conducted by recruiter Manpower. However, according to them, many bricklayers are earning a lot more. A study conducted by The Sun revealed that the top bricklayers in the country were earning a massive £100,000 a year. Manpower has established though, that these large wages are the norm for bricklayers.

The UK managing director of the company, Mark Cahill, stated: “it’s workers with technical skills who are able to command this increase (in wages) because there is a genuine skills shortage out there.”

“They are commanding high rates, because you can’t find them, simple as that.”

“They’re in control.”

He added: “UK companies are going into 2017 hungry for top talent.”

“Employers are still unsure about what exactly Brexit will mean, but are not letting that uncertainty deter them from hiring.”

Bricklayers aren’t the only ones earning a hefty amount either. According to reports, engineers could soon be earning Premier League salaries. Take a look at the full information here.

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