“My names Gary, I’m a bricklayer, and I’m addicted to eating bricks.”

Gary first started eating bricks in his late teens. He got the idea from his Grandpa who revealed that his uncles used to eat bricks. So, one day, when he was completing his apprenticeship, he decided to try it. And, he hasn’t been able to stop since.

Gary revealed: “I don’t think it’s a problem.”

“If you ask me, people who eat things like Marmite and seafood sauce are weird.”

“I don’t see how me eating bricks is any different to that.”

“It’s the grittiness of them, and the earthy taste, I actually like how it feels on my teeth.”

Working in the trade, Gary is constantly exposed to bricks. Whether it’s facing bricks, concrete bricks even the cement, for him, he just can’t get enough of the taste. Working on site, they are everywhere and Gary finds himself constantly reminded of them.

He described: “I’ve always got to have it and I’ve always got to go and get it.”

“When I eat a brick, it’s like a drug, a drug addict.”

“You feel good for a while… until you need it again.”

Take a look at Gary’s story here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece, this mockumentary was filmed in the style of a TLC doc. And, our audience didn’t know whether to believe it or not! Gaining almost eight hundred thousand views, this mockumentary was certainly a talking point. But what do you think? Let us know!

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