At just nineteen years old, the potential of life seems endless. The new opportunities and experiences, life is full of exciting new paths. And, for Chris Carberry, this is exactly what life was. With a new job as a bricklayer, Chris had his whole life ahead of him!

That was until November of 2015. Whilst at work, Chris stepped off a kerb and broke his femur. It was at this point he knew that something was wrong. And, on the first of December, the young tradesman was diagnosed with cancer.

Suffering from a rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma, Chris underwent treatments to try and combat the deadly disease.

bricklaying - tradesman - skip

Chris during his time working as a bricklayer.

Unfortunately, these treatments didn’t prove to be as successful as was originally hoped. Therefore, at just nineteen years old, Chris made the incredibly tough decision to have his leg amputated. Describing the decision as “leg or life”, Chris had his leg amputated in March 2016 and continued to have an additional 14 months of treatment.

Ending his treatment in January of last year, it was hoped that this would help rid Chris of his cancer. Using his experience to help others, Chris started a blog to share his experiences and raise awareness of this rare form of cancer.

Alongside this, he was also made an ambassador for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent. Things were going well for Chris!

Unfortunately though, in July of 2017, the young tradesman was diagnosed with cancer once again.

Despite months of treatment and the leg amputation, Chris’ cancer had spread to his lungs.

For him, this meant more surgery. This time, he had 1/3 of his lung removed as Chris joked that “one leg wasn’t enough”.

tradesman - hospital

Chris recovering in hospital after treatment.

Unfortunately though, this was still not enough, and at the age of just twenty one, Chris’ cancer has spread to several different places in his body.

Currently, he has just finished his final cycle of chemotherapy. This has seen some positive results with the main tumour shrinking by over 50%.

However, he can’t keep having this amount of chemo. This is because eventually, it will begin to affect his body’s organs and cause other complications too. The next stage for his treatment in the UK now is radiotherapy. However, this is not enough to help Chris get rid of his cancer.

So, that’s where you lot come in. He needs some help.

His best hope of survival is through an alternative treatment in India. The treatment, known as Dentritic Cell Therapy takes an immunotherapeutic approach to combatting Chris’ cancer. But, as it is not a passed form of treatment here in the UK, Chris aims to travel abroad for this treatment, which has a hefty price tag of £200,000. His best shot of survival, Chris described in his latest vlog: “I’ve never been the type of person to just sit back and take what I’m told.”

So, he’s fighting back!

If you think you can help Chris in any way, big or small, head over to his justgiving page now.

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