It’s that time again! Time to vote for your ‘Bricklayer of the Year’!

This is once again another very tough category. The award is to recognise the best UK bricklayer’s and there are three strong candidates that make up the short list.

Our first bricklayer is Aaron Forster. He is the youngest in a line of five Forster family bricklayers!


His father founded the family trade in the early 1960’s. Since then, his four sons have followed in their father’s footsteps. Aaron revealed to On The Tools that collectively, they have achieved “over 100 years experience on the trowel.”

He continued, “Between us we have likely built more of Norwich than anyone else in the trade!”

According to Aaron, “our work ethic and high standard of craftsmanship has earned us a considerable reputation.”

He feels though that now, the company “deserves some wider recognition” in the form of the On The Tools ‘Bricklayer of the Year’ award.

This isn’t the only candidate up for the award though! We also have bricklayer Paul Kear. He has been bricklaying for a whopping 35 years now so has a lot of experience in the trade.


Paul describes to On The Tools that during his time as a bricklayer, he has done many “interesting and varied projects.”

Bricklaying is not just a job to Paul though. He admits that it is a “passion and something I have enjoyed from day one.”

He continues, “It’s what I get out of bed every morning for.”

And last but not least, our final candidate up for the award is Richie Maxwell. This is not the first recognition Richie has had for his work though. Currently, he is ranked as 2016 ‘Britain’s Top Tradesperson!’


He believes that he has the right personally for his trade. He states that along with this, he is “able to connect with customers and help inspire and motivate colleagues.”

Also, he believes that he has a “very high standard of bricklaying skill past on from father to son.”

So there are our candidates! Who do you think should win? Head over to and cast your vote now!