Britain is notorious for a good bodge job. Especially after a bank holiday weekend! It’s almost as if that extra day off is a calling to get the DIY gear out of the garage. And, unsurprisingly, this bank holiday was no different. We had a whole heap of things sent into us.

So, in the spirit of this, we decided to put together some of the top bodge jobs. Enjoy!

Friday’s plan, Saturday’s hangover!

Why replace it when you can just plasterboard over it?

Looks good from my house…

Now that grass is f*cking beautiful…

Top design!

Classic bank holiday bodge…

Sparkie fail!

What is even going on here?

Try your best and caulk the rest

DIY smarter, not harder!

Although I don’t know whether I’d quite say that’s smarter either. Check out some more of our favourite bodge jobs here.

Have you had to fix many dodgy jobs this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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