According to a new survey, the majority of British homeowners have never seen a woman working in the trade.

But where are all the women on site?

Well, it’s no surprise that women on site is a rarity with 77% of the surveyed women stating that they had never been encouraged to join a trade. Despite this though, research conducted by Able Skills found that 88% of people in the UK want to see more women in construction.

But, 88% of the women surveyed stated that they had never even considered working in construction.

Looking on the bright side though, this attitude could soon be changing amongst some of the younger generations. In fact, 35% of women aged 25-35 stated that working in a trade was a genuine career option for them.

Overall, 2,000 people in the UK were surveyed. Of these, it was found that 31% would trust a female worker more in comparison to a male tradesperson. Especially when it came to them giving a fair, best price. In comparison, just 14% stated that they would trust a male worker to do the same.

In fact, more than 25% of Scottish homeowners stated that they would prefer to hire a female tradesperson. Take a look at the full report here.

But, despite this, both men and women did have some hesitation about it. In fact, 42% of women feared that they would not be taken seriously on site, and just under 40% were also worried about prejudice and intimidation.

The managing director of Able Skills described, “The public want to see more women in the construction trades industry and trust them to deliver a good job.”

“We really want to encourage more females to consider a career in construction trades and are really pleased to see that the younger generations may break down some of the stereotype barriers.”

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