One builder has found a new market that is making him a killing. With lots of orders keeping him busy, the November US election has led to a spike in business for the bomb shelter builder.

Gary Lynch, who builds these bomb shelters, states that business, “definitely has picked up a little as Donald Trump emerged as President.”

He claims that some of his customers even joke that they are trying to protect themselves against a “Trumpnado” or a “Trumpocalypse!”

He describes that those who voted for Trump are scared that the “riots are going to get out of hand and there’s going to be social or civil unrest.”

And for those who didn’t vote for Trump, the builder felt that they feared “that now he’s president, maybe he’s going to start a war.”

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Now that Trump is president though, Lynch has stated that sales in his most luxurious shelters have spiked. Overall, sales have increased by seven hundred percent!

Customers aren’t just investing in steel shells though. These shelters are also completely kitted. Very comfortable to live in if there was ever was a “Trumpnado.”

The sleeping areas are made up of a master bedroom and four bunkbeds. Alongside this there is also filtered air and water with a composting toilet. Food wise, there is even storage that can hold months worth of food. That’s not all though, there is also a living room with satellite TV! Not your average bomb shelter is it?

But what do you think of this business venture? Do you fancy one for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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