To hear a loved one has cancer is devastating. But to hear that your child has cancer is utterly and completely heartbreaking.

For builder Alwyn Jones and his partner, they are facing exactly that. Just before Christmas last year, their two-year-old son Jacob was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. A rare form of cancer which occurs in fewer than 100 children in the UK every year. And, recently, the parents received even more bad news with doctors finding that Jacob’s Neuroblastoma was actually at a level three and very high risk.

To comat this deadly disease, young Jacob has begun hospital treatment, undergoing chemotherapy. This aggressive form of treatment is taking its toll on the young boy though, and his parents are quickly becoming aware as to how hard it truly is to treat Neuroblastoma. And, after conducting their research on the disease, Alwyn and his partner are gearing up for a fight to save their precious boy’s life.

Specifically, they are looking at alternative treatments for Jacob, ones that are not available on the NHS. Alwyn described: “Needless to say we are all so sad and scared just thinking about the journey our little Jacob has ahead of him.”

“We know it’s going to be tough, but so is Jacob.”

“Our strong little man has plenty of fight!”

“And we will be at his side all the way.”

“Very quickly we are learning how difficult Neuroblastoma is to treat.”

“Some of the treatments available are experimental and not available on the NHS, which is why we have decided to start fundraising.”

“Like any parent, we want the best for our children.”

“And, if the best option isn’t available on the NHS for Jacob, we want to be prepared.”

“So we are here to ask for your help. Please support us.”

If you think that you can help this builder out, then please head over to his son’s JustGiving page now. And, for updates on Jacob and his fight against cancer, make sure you give their Facebook page a like too.

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