This builder had simply had enough. His ex-wife just wouldn’t accept that it was over! Everyone knows that type of ex. The one that after the split, just won’t leave you alone, no matter how many times you tell them it’s over. It can get annoying.

Well, this builder developed a very different way of keeping his ex-wife out of his life. He built a three-metre high fence, covered in barbed wire. This fence surrounds his house and does the trick of keeping any unwanted visitors well and truly out.

As an added defence, he’s eve got an additional wooden catapult! He then loads this with lawn bowls to “fight your enemy who’s coming in to take your property.”

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The Australian builder, Tony, described that the fence was inspired by World War One and the ancient Romans. He constructed this wall in relation to these times claiming “I’m going to extreme lengths to protect what’s mine.”

“Good luck getting in bitch.”

Take a look at wall here:

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