A builder from Bristol has recently spoken out, urging workers to protect themselves and lather on the sun cream. After battling his way through skin cancer, Michael Mansfield knows first-hand the importance of protecting yourself in the sun.

Initially, Mr Mansfield was diagnosed with skin cancer following his time within the construction industry. This was due to being exposed to long periods in the sun. Now retired, he has joined the ‘Cover Up Mate’ campaign to try and encourage those within the industry to protect their skin.

In the UK, it has been shown that skin cancer-related deaths have increased by 22% between 2005 and 2014. Specifically, for men in the south-west. And with temperatures on the up in recent days, it is crucial that workers are protecting themselves against serious damage.

Further research has also supported the links between skin cancer and working in the construction industry. 55% of skin cancer patients are apparently construction workers! Take a look at the full stats here.

Dr Jonathon Hayes also added: “burning just once every two years can triple your risk of skin cancer.”

“So it’s vitally important you protect yourself from the sun between April and October when levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause skin cancer, are at their highest.”

Builder Michael Mansfield described his experience: “there wasn’t any awareness of the dangers of being out in the sun when I started in the building trade.”

“It was sun’s out, shirts off, and that’s what everybody did.”

“We didn’t realise the harm we were doing.”

He continued: “my wife and daughter told me to see the doctor after noticing that a mole on my back had changed shape during a holiday in Ibiza.”

“I was shocked when I got a diagnosis of malignant melanoma.”

“The cancer was very deep in the tissue and it was very lucky that we caught it when we did.”

“I still have a 12-inch scar on my back from the operation to remove it.”

“Fortunately nowadays many larger firms make sure staff are properly dressed and protected for hot weather but some still ignore the health and safety warnings.”

“I would urge anyone who works outside to cover up when going outside and make sure you wear suncream.”

“If you value your own life and the life of your family, this is something you should do. No one is immune to this.”

“It can be fatal, and it nearly was for me.”

So what do you think of this? Do you protect yourself against the sun? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.bristolpost.co.uk

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