A Bristol based builder recently had his van stolen whilst he was busy getting tools out of the back. And, just a few days later, he even ended up chasing the thieves after he spotted them in the streets!

The incident occurred on the 18th of May. The fifty five year old builder, Clive Jones, was working on a property when his van was stolen from under his nose. Managing to hold onto one of the doors, the tradesman was dragged up the street before he was thrown off onto the road.

Luckily, the builder was uninjured and was able to phone the police. But, despite investigations, and the van being spotted twice, the police were unable to locate it!

Mr Jones described his experience to the Bristol Post. He stated: “I was in the back getting tools out of the van when I heard the ignition start, my first thought was it’s probably Peugeot electronics in the sun and then I felt it reversing.”

“I held on to the back door and they dragged me up the lane, I thought they would have to stop before turning onto the main road and I’d use that time to get back in the van but they didn’t stop they just pulled out and threw me off.”

“They put their foot down and I could see tools falling out along the road as they went.”

“Normally there is about £2,550 worth of gear in there, luckily it was relatively empty.”

Hopping into a car with his friend, the pair unfortunately lost sight of the vehicle. That was until Monday when Mr Jones went to pick up a hire vehicle. There, he spotted his van being driven around in south Bristol. Contacting the police, he followed the van for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the police unit that was sent was unable to catch the thieves.

Mr Jones added: “To be honest with you the whole thing has been been really frustrating.”

“To be on the phone to police who say they have units in the area then not to get them here in time.”

“What more do they want? I even found my own van for them.”

“I’ve just gotten over the fact they could’ve killed me when they stole my van, what is really getting to me is the real frustration of knowing twice where the van was and not being able to get it back.”

“We have a great PCSO who has been chasing the situation up but it feels like the police are not interested.”

So what do you think of this? Does more need to be done to track down thieves? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.bristolpost.co.uk

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