You can’t go wrong with a brew. Happy? Have a brew. Stressed? Have a brew. Tired? Have a brew!

Here in the UK, having a cup of tea is one of the most normal things about life. It’s even an event! People are regularly invited round to their friend’s homes for a cuppa. But, one thing that comes along with this though is the national debate…

What is the perfect brew?

Should it be milky and weak? Or strong and sweet? Well, recent research has found that strong tea, most commonly termed as a ‘builders brew’, could actually be bad for your health.

Now, we’re not saying you have to switch it out for milky p*ss weak tea. Let’s face it, no on wants to do that. Instead, it has actually been found that the more expensive tea bags could be potentially less harmful in comparison to the cheaper ones.

Research has found that tea bags can contain high levels of fluoride, a mineral that can be potentially harmful. Typically, fluoride is good and helps prevent tooth decay. But, too much can result in the tooth enamel becoming damaged (fluorosis).

And that’s not all, even higher amounts can also result in further issues such as crippling skeletal fluorosis with joints becoming stiff and calcified. The study found though that cheaper brands can contain six times the amount of fluoride than your more expensive brands.

According to the World Health Organisation, if you intake more than 6mg of fluoride a day, then there is an “elevated risk of skeletal fluorosis”. So, if you’re drinking the budget own brands, as few as four cups a day could be putting you over the limit and increasing your risk of fluorosis.

And, according to additional research that found builders take on average five tea breaks a day, it might be worth switching your tea bags.

So what do you lot think? How many cups of tea do you drink on average? Let us know in the comments below.


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