According to a recent survey of workers in the UK, builders spend a whopping 130 hours a year taking tea breaks. This is 20.34 hours above the national average of 109.66 hours a year!

The survey, conducted by, looked into the eating and drinking habits of those in the construction industry. It found that 82% of tradesmen felt that in order to aid their productivity, they must have regular tea breaks.

On average, the ideal tea break would last six minutes. And, during this time, most workers would settle down for a ‘builders brew’. Despite, the rising number of coffee lovers, tea remained the firm favourite for construction workers with a vote of 56%. Coffee wasn’t far behind though with 38% stating it was their hot drink of choice.

In terms of how many tea breaks were needed a day though, respondents revealed that they felt that five tea breaks a day were needed outside of their lunch break. This adds up to thirty minutes a day being spent on tea breaks.

According to recent research, construction workers waste, on average, more than half an hour a day searching for messy tools in their van. The perfect amount of time to fit in all those tea breaks! Take a look at the full report here.

The Marketing Manager for stated: “The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation’s workplace break habits, especially the construction industry, and it’s great to see so many Britons are taking regular breaks throughout the day to grab a drink.”

“Whether you work at a desk, in a shop or a factory, or on a building site, getting away from your workstation for a few minutes at regular intervals is likely to aid productivity as it allows you time to stretch your legs and gather your thoughts before heading back to it.”

“It is especially beneficial for those who are working in such a physically demanding job as it allows them time to relax, laugh and catch-up on some well – deserved rest.”

So what do you think of this? How much time do you spend ‘brewing up’? Let us know in the comments below.


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