Builders across the UK have recently rebelled against site dress codes which prohibit the wearing of shorts on site.

With Britain facing what is one of the hottest summers we’ve had in a long time, many construction workers have been suffering as a result of health and safety rules. With temperatures climbing and even reaching highs of 26˚c, it’s not surprising that one set of bricklayers have decided to ditch the dress code for skirts and dresses instead.

The bricklayers in question were working on a development of flats in 26˚c heat and were shocked when they were told they were not allowed to wear shorts. This was due to the long trousers only dress code they had on site. But, one thing managers weren’t expecting was for the lads to turn up in dresses and skirts.

The workers realised that under the gender equality regulations on site, this was something they could get away with. In agreement together, the group all rushed to change. Some nicked stuff out of their missus’ wardrobe and others headed down to Tesco to rummage around for something in the ladies section.

But, when they all returned to site, they were a lot cooler, and, more importantly, complying with dress code regulations too!

And they’re not the only ones to be doing this either. Other construction workers from across the country have also been trying to get past this rule. And, as you can see from the image at the top, they’re rocking those frilly skirts and dresses.

But why is it that there is no wiggle room on these types of health and safety rules?

Well, Simon Miles, working on the Bellway Homes development in Chertsey, Surrey, shared his thoughts to The Sun on this debate. He described: “I’ve heard nothing like it in 20 years.”

“I turned up for work on ­Monday and was told my legs had to be covered on site. Shorts were made for brickies.”

“I was going to find another job and some of the other lads were really struggling and uncomfortable in jeans.”

“We gathered it was a health and safety issue. But we realised that as there were women working in offices on the same site in skirts, they couldn’t stop us doing the same.”

“I dashed home and the wife thought I was a lunatic when I started rummaging through her gear.”

“A bloke even wolf-whistled me. I’ve never had one of those before — well, not from a man.”

“There is of course a serious side.”

“On building sites a skirt could easily get caught on something.”

“Yet I’ve never had any problems in my shorts, other than a few grazes. I don’t mind regulations be­ing imposed, as long as they’re properly considered.”

So what do you lot think? Do changes need to be made when it comes to these rules? Or have you ever tried anything like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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