Yesterday, was Builders’ Friday! The booziest night of the year, and the last Friday before Christmas. Traditionally, this is one of the biggest nights to go out and have a great time.

More commonly known as ‘Mad Friday’, the date has been nicknamed Builder’s Friday as for many tradespeople, this is their last day of work before Christmas. Celebrating their freedom, tradespeople and many other professionals across the UK use this night to celebrate their freedom from work and well and truly go wild!

Think this guy had a good night…

The concept of Builders’ Friday is only really a thing in the UK. And, for us Brits, it is the most popular night to go out and celebrate before Christmas. However, this night, unfortunately, also tends to be when the most fights and accidents take place. This puts a lot of strain on the emergency services, trying to keep people safe whilst on their night out.

Also known as ‘Black Eye Friday’, the night has been branded negatively to consist of people breaking out into fights. To try and reduce the carnage caused by this night though, emergency services set up mobile ‘drunk tanks’. Located in city centres, these spots are set up to try and reduce the number of people going to the A&E when it is not needed.

Able to treat 11 people at a time, these ‘drunk tanks’ are a good way to give people the care they need without filling up the waiting rooms of local hospitals. However, this isn’t without cost. Instead, this can cost a whopping £500,000!

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So what do you think of this? Have you ever had a crazy night on Builders’ Friday? Do you have any story’s from last night? Let us know in the comments below.


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