The chairman of Bovis Homes, Ian Taylor, has admitted “we got it wrong”, after moving customers into unfinished houses. Some of which had missing windows, holes in the ceiling and unlaid gardens.

He continued stating that “we got to the point of essentially building things that were easy to build, rather than the sequence they should have been built in.”

Alongside this, he also admitted that the sub-contractors that were used by the firm, “may not have been of the highest quality.”

Overall, around 3,000 customers were moved into unfinished homes. This was to ensure that Bovis could meet their shareholder target of the completion of 4,130 homes. However, this backfired for Bovis as after thousands of complaints, they had to set aside £7 million to fix the issues.

Alongside this, their pre-tax profits fell by 3% to, and shares in the company went down by 1%.

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To avoid this, Bovis have now revealed that they will be cutting production by at least 10%. Within the first six months of 2017, the company plan to build 1,5000 new homes. Alongside the slowdown of production, Bovis have also invested in training all their employees in customer service.

The new chief executive of the company described that these changes will result in Bovis getting back on top. He stated: “I am confident that Bovis will return to being a leading UK housebuilder and excited by the challenge ahead.”

“The clear focus for 2017 is on improving our production processes and efficiency thereby ensuring we deliver quality homes to our customers.”

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