“I don’t want to get beaten up and no one is going to hit someone who is naked.”

Ex soldier turned carpenter, Rob Jenner has been the subject of controversy this month as his neighbour’s have stated that he has caused them “great distress.” This is because he has been renovating his home. Naked.

The 42 year old naturist has ended up being hauled up in front of the courts due to numerous complaints from his neighbours. After the first few complaints, Mr Jenner put up a sign explaining why he was naked. The sign stated: “a naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.” The polite sign didn’t do the trick though and instead he has been branded a criminal.
Mr Jenner insists though that he has done nothing wrong. He has been a naturist since 1999 and purely just hoped to redo his home in order to rent out. Some of his neighbours though have been so opposed to his lifestyle that it has caused him several personal issues. He has been arrested, issued an antisocial behaviour warning notice and even the company who had put his property up for let have taken it down, possibly due to the controversy.

Following this, Rob has considered ditching the naturist approach. He states, “I think the law says it’s not an offence until someone makes a complaint and people know that so they can report me.”

“I’m being pessimistic but I think people just want to see trouble.”

“People have been accusing me of things which are blatantly untrue.”
Not all of his neighbours are so opposed by his lifestyle though. One woman stated that she thought he was a lovely man and wasn’t appalled by his lifestyle at all. She continued: “I’ve got a husband, sons and grandchildren so maybe that’s why it doesn’t shock me so much.”

“Plus he’s not a bad looking chap.”

Wearing only work boots and a belt, the carpenter describes that naturism appeals to him due to “the sense of freedom and liberation.”

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk