Many of you will have had a very merry Christmas last year filled with laughter and joy. But for some, they cannot say the same.

For Charlie Round and his family, they spent their Christmas and most of this year in the hospital. Their time has been full of worry and pain for poor Charlie, wishing he would get better. His older sister didn’t even ask Santa for anything last year. Instead, she just asked for her brother to get better.

“Imagine hearing your baby’s got cancer.” The heartbreaking line from the song ‘Superhero’ written by Charlie’s father Ashley Round.

Charlie has stage four Neuroblastoma. This is a very rare form of Cancer that affects less than 100 children in the UK. Charlie is only two years old. And he is having to battle through this aggressive disease. The specific type of cancer Charlie has is made up of specialised nerve cells called neural crest cells. These, are involved in the development of the nervous system and other tissues.

Currently, Charlie is in Birmingham Children’s Hospital undergoing treatment. This is where he will spend the foreseeable future whilst undergoing all of the treatment and care that he needs.

One line from ‘Superhero’ describes: “the treatment is toxic, it’s vile. It won’t beat him he still wears a smile.”

Charlie’s family are consequently trying to help raise awareness for this horrible form of cancer. There is a high chance of Charlie’s neuroblastoma returning, and there is no known cure in the UK.

Charlie’s family are very positive though and believe he will beat it. His grandparents describe: “If Charlie could ask you himself, he would, but he is so tiny and so poorly and yet he still has time to smile and make us all happy to be a part of his life.”

The song also describes: “I’m so proud that my boy’s such a soldier.”

The song ultimately expresses the window fitter’s emotion felt towards his son’s illness. But that’s not all, it also glorifies his son’s strength and determination to keep a smile on his face. ‘Superhero’ is available on iTunes and Google Play and all the money raised will go towards a fund for any treatment Charlie needs abroad.

So please, download the song and show your support. You won’t regret it.

Take a look at the music video here:

Or, you can download it here: itunes.apple.com

To follow Charlie’s story head over to: facebook.com/teamcharlieround

Or, if you’d like to help out Charlie and his family then head over to justgiving.com and donate whatever you can. No amount is too little.


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