Several decades old and built by villagers. This structural oversight has caused several deaths following the collapse of a building in China.

The failing structure was compromised by extra floors. These additions made the structure even more unstable than the poorly built original construction. Four of these six story buildings unfortunately collapsed last Monday morning. Twenty two lives were claimed by the disaster and only six survivors were discovered prior to the rescue search being called off.

Currently, investigations are taking place. However, initial analysis indicates that the collapse was caused by shaky and low quality foundations. According to experts, this was also made worse by the heavy rainfall that had taken place in the days shorty before the collapse.

This wasn’t the first villager built collapse though. Two years ago, a similar building, which was under construction, also collapsed. This disaster killed five people. Experts have pointed out though that both buildings had added floors built on them. This is likely to have been because owners of such buildings, which were targeted for demolition, could claim more money from the government for having extra floors. The added floors however compromised the safety of the buildings, leaving them more prone to collapse.

All in all, since 2007 sixty nine deaths have been accounted for. These are due to the unsafe structures of the ‘self built’ buildings. Beijing news stated though, that unless more regulations are put in place then “similar tragedies will be repeated.”

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