Christmas is typically known as the season of goodwill. A time to appreciate those around you and give them gifts as a sign of gratitude. However, as time has gone on, the number of people giving tips and gifts to those around them has gone down. Especially, when it comes to tipping tradespeople.

In the past, tradespeople were tipped by homeowners during the festive months with the token of a ‘Christmas Box’. However, research has found that nowadays, less than half of customers tip a tradesperson! Specifically, 46% of customers in the UK were found to give a Christmas tip.

But why is this? Well, we teamed up with Scruffs Workwear to take a look at what the UK’s tradespeople had to say about tipping.

Surprisingly, the majority of tradespeople revealed that they were, in fact, tipped by some of their customers at Christmas. Ranging from £20 to £200, it looks like these tradespeople managed to find themselves some very generous customers.

Alongside cash though, some tradespeople revealed that they were given gifts by their customers instead. This included things such as drinks and personalised items, given to tradespeople as a token of appreciation.

But what about those that weren’t tipped? Well, one tradesperson described that it is, “very rare that it happens here with me, to be honest.”

“If it does happen, it’s always from people who can’t really afford to and I’ll always turn it down.”

“The richer clients usually try to cut money off the bill, never mind get a tip.”

Another tradesperson added: “Got tipped right in the sh*t last year and ripped off for £1,400 by a customer!”

So why is it that fewer people are tipping year on year? Scruffs described: “there are many different reasons why tipping could be less frequent among tradespeople.”

“For homeowners, if a tradesperson is not regularly used, then they may not feel that a tip is necessary.”

“Also, household budgets are, for a lot of people, under strain too. Especially around Christmas.”

“Overall, the cost of living has increased. Along with all of the money spent on gifts for family and friends, this could leave homeowners with not enough money to spare to tip a tradesperson, or anyone else for that matter.”

“Nowadays, we are living in a cashless society as well and people don’t tend to carry cash around with them.”

“This could explain why more and more tradespeople are being gifted with items such as food and drink, rather than cash.”

But what do you think of this? Do you agree? Do you get Christmas tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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