Typically, there has been a tradition that during the Christmas period, homeowners would tip their tradesman a little bit extra.

However, according to research, as few as half of UK households now tip tradespeople around Christmas! The study found that the older generations were more likely to tip though. 54.8% of those aged fifty five and above stated that they would tip their tradesman. This is high compared to only 45.3% of 18-25 year olds stating that they would tip. From the study, they also found that London was the most generous regarding tips. 16.9% of Londoners stated that they would give more than £10.

Of those who stated that they would tip, the majority (65%) would give a worker £10. Only 6.8% would think about tipping more than £10 and 28% preferred to tip something else instead, such as food or drink. Can’t put a price on a good cuppa can you?

Apparently though, this low number of tips is due to increasing pressures on household budgets. The director of communications at a budgeting account provider, Ian Wilson, stated: “the christmas box is a lovely tradition and a great way to show your appreciation to hard working tradespeople.”

“But with household budgets under increasing pressure it is perhaps no surprise that less than half of those we questioned leave a tip nowadays.”

So what do you think? Do you tend to find that you get tipped more during the Christmas season? Or have you noticed that people have started to tip you in bacon butties instead? Let us know in the comments below.