According to recent studies, a whopping £180 million goes unclaimed every single year! And some of it could be yours!

According to HMRC Legislations, if you’re travelling to and from site in your own vehicle for less than two years, then you could claim back on your travel expenses. All you need is to be on the company books. And then, some of that £180 million could be yours to spend!

But what about if you no longer drive your own vehicle to and from site? But did in the past? Well, you’re in luck because even if you’re no longer driving your own vehicle to work, there is still the possibility that you could make a claim.

You can even go back as far as April 2012! From there, you’ll be able to claim back on your mileage and could soon have an extra £2,500 in the bank. That’s a lot of extra money to have for any rainy days or luxury holidays abroad for you and the missus.

However, of course, working in the construction industry means that the likelihood is that you don’t have a lot of spare time on your hands. Up at the break of dawn on a job, not finishing your paperwork until midnight. Who has time to make a claim? Well, we decided to lend a helping hand and ask Construction Reclaims for their advice on how they could help.

Construction Reclaims are specialists in their field and actually discovered the legislation that allows construction workers to claim a tax refund on their travel expenses. To date, Construction Reclaims have been able to claim back over £4 million for construction workers across the country.

It couldn’t be easier for you. Instead of doing all the grunt work yourself (you do enough of that on site), Construction Reclaims can establish whether or not you have a claim. Then, before you know it, you could have some extra money in the bank to spend on the kids, or the missus, or even on a treat for yourself!

So what do you think? Do you think you could make a claim? Well, head over to www.constructionreclaims.co.uk/employed-tax-refund/ now to check your eligibility!

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