Now that the cold weather is upon us and temperatures are plummeting, workers are now having to work through zero degree temperatures. They are risking their lives on icy scaffolding and suffering through hours in torrential rain.

The same cannot be said about the materials they use though. Instead, there are industry guidelines that prevent the use of materials such as mortar in conditions lower than 2°C. But for workers, they have to suffer through these conditions with no guidelines or regulations.

However, construction worker union Ucatt is requesting that health and safety guidelines be introduced regarding extreme weather conditions. Acting general secretary Brian Rye stated, “the construction industry has long put profit before people.”

He continued: “In an age when we no longer send young children up chimney’s to clean them, we should equally not be forcing construction workers to work in inhumane conditions.”

To try and change this, Ucatt have written to the chief executive of the National House Building Council. They have requested for clear rules to be introduced for construction workers working in extreme weather conditions. Currently, there are no such rules and there are no legal minimum or maximum temperature guidelines for working outside.

Rye concluded: “the majority of the British population wouldn’t let a dog suffer such conditions – so why a building worker?”

Therefore, unions are negotiating to have these rules and guidelines introduced as “meteorologists are predicting a very severe winter for the UK.”

So what do you think? Do you have to work outside in horrible conditions? Let us know in the comments below.