Have you got your Christmas party coming up? Well, the majority of them are pretty boring and you’ve got to get through them somehow. So, you’re best to start off with a little something to drink. Or, a lot of something to drink.

One thing you can’t escape at the Christmas party though is small talk. You’ve probably been able to avoid it on site. But there’s no escape here. Instead, you’re gonna have to listen to the H&S brigade bang on about all the health and safety improvements that could be made on site. Great.

Another thing that happens a lot at the Christmas party is bitching about your boss. He’s more than likely going to try and be overly friendly to everyone and hover around. So try and at least wait until he’s not around before you start slagging him off. It may be funny at the time and your work colleagues might love it but it could come back around and bite you in the arse.

Another cliche is, of course, the dancing. Now, on site, you may bust out a few moves to the site radio. But don’t think this makes you a qualified dancer. Some embarrassing videos are likely to be taken with you. Then, the chances are that they’ll get sent into us as well and your embarrassing dancing will be seen by thousands.

Kinda like this guy:

Have you got any other Christmas party cliche’s you can think of? Or do you not even bother going to them? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.news.com

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