Recently, a construction company was fined £100,000 after a groundworker was struck by a concrete drainage cover, killing him. The worker was standing in the excavation area of the site when the incident took place. Unfortunately, the concrete cover struck groundworker Daniel Clifford Yeowell, resulting in him sustaining severe head injuries. It was from these injuries, that the worker later died from.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation revealed that construction company Hague Construction Limited had failed to properly plan the lifting of this drain cover. Not only that, but the company also hadn’t provided their workers with the necessary safety equipment either. Gear that was necessary to complete the job safely.

The HSE also found that the lifting chains were also used for too long as well on the work. Alongside this, they were also not attached safely to the excavator or the cover of the drain itself.

The accident itself took place in October 2013. However, courts recently fined the construction company £100,000 after pleading guilty to health and safety violations. Alongside this, they were also ordered to pay £16,918 in costs.

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The HSE officer stated: “our investigation was prompted in the most tragic of circumstances.”

“Hague Construction should have properly planned the lifting operation regarding this work activity.”

“If the company had done so Mr Yeowell’s death could have been avoided.”

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