Recently, more and more workplace accidents are being reported. Some of which have been so serious, that it has resulted in the death and/or serious injury of those involved.

For example, one construction worker suffered substantial head injuries due to a work place accident. Rafal Myslim fell through an unguarded, asbestos riddled roof that he was replacing in Asheldem, England.

He fell approximately 7.5 metres with no protective equipment or safety netting to prevent the fall. During this, the worker also hit a number of pipes on the way down until finally hitting the concrete floor.

This left the worker with a hematoma on the brain. This is a collection of blood outside of the brain which can cause increased pressure on the brain that is life threatening!

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He’s not the only worker to have suffered due to dangerous workplace accidents though. A New York construction worker has also recently been crushed to death during a serious work place accident. This saw the worker tragically trapped between a forklift and a van.

Apparently, the worker, Rakesh Ram, was driving a forklift when he stopped in front of a van. He then proceeded to put the forklift in neutral and head over to the van. There, he was going to load boxes until the forklift suddenly rolled forward. This pinned the worker between the two vehicles.

Medical assistance raced to the scene to help the worker. He was then rushed to hospital. Unfortunately though, this is where the worker died.

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