According to figures released by the Construction Industry Training Board, there has been a record number of apprenticeships in the UK!

Apparently, during 2015 and 2016, 25,000 people began apprenticeships. This has shot up over the past two years as in 2014, there was 19,973 people completing apprenticeships.

One reason behind this spike is apparently the use of Shared Apprenticeship Schemes. These schemes have allowed large company employers to “recruit over 500 apprentices last year, where they otherwise would have not been able to do so.”

The CITB chief executive stated: “these figures show that more employers than ever are taking on apprentices.”

“I would encourage all employers to consider taking on an apprentice – it’s good for the sector and great for growing their business.”

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But that’s not all, apprentice’s are also good for a lot of other things too. According to a study conducted on 2,000 UK households, 50% of homeowners would be more likely to hire a tradesman, if they had an apprentice! This is because apparently, “home owners aren’t just concerned with the craftsmanship of their builder, they want to know they are hiring a firm with strong values.”

Not only that, but the apprentices also provide the comedy gold on site. One sure fire way to lighten a tradesman’s day is with a bit of apprentice banter.

Maybe with a prank like this:

Or even a prank as brutal as convincing them to help you move a ‘dead body’:

Either way, it provides workers with a lot of laughs.

So what do you think? Do you think a record number of apprentices is a good thing? Let us know in the comments below.


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