A property developer was recently attacked by a “disgruntled” employee wielding a pickaxe.

Armed police were called to the incident at a building site in Lower Hopton on Wednesday morning. This was after a report was filed of a man on site with a weapon. Witnesses spotted the attacker, swearing and shouting. The worker apparently threatened his boss with a hammer causing him, and his other employees to rush for safety.

As the boss tried to drive away, the employee tried to smash the windscreen of his car. Luckily though, the construction boss reversed backwards and the worker smashed the pickaxe into the bonnet of the car instead.

The employer, who did not wish to be named, described the attack to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.  He stated: “he’s gone in a van and got a hammer and then he’s come for me.”

“But my son tried to talk him down, and he ended up hitting him in the face, so he’s gone to the floor and so has the hammer.”

“I shouted to my two sons and another woman who works for me: ‘Get in the car.'”

“He’s then gone in a van and rummaged and pulled a pick-axe out.”

“I was going to pull away but if I’d carried on driving forwards, he would have hit the windscreen so I started to reverse and he hit the bonnet.”

He revealed: “I was scared, the pickaxe could do a lot of damage.”

“I drove out of the yard and the pick-axe was still embedded in the bonnet.”

“He just acted as if nothing had happened. His car was in front of the Range Rover but he didn’t get in it.”

Armed police flooded the scene and arrested the employee. Luckily, no one was injured.

This isn’t the first attack on site in recent months though. Recently, a worker was stabbed repeatedly on site whilst completing cladding work! Take a look at the full report here.

And with workers safety under question at the moment, it is worrying to see the accessibility passersby’s have to construction sites. For example, two teens managed to gain access to a construction site recently and caused a whopping £40,000 in damages! Take a look at the incident here.

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Source: www.examiner.co.uk

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