Manjit Multani has recently been jailed for eighteen months and recommended for deportation.

This thirty-four-year-old was working in the construction industry around the London and Milton Keynes areas. However, the Indian national was working here illegally.

He did this by paying someone else to sit the required health and safety tests needed to obtain Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards. He was then able to work at different construction sites, under a false name and identity.

Mr Multani was arrested by Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers back in February. After skipping bail tough, he was then arrested again. Initially, he was arrested regarding motoring offences. After though, it was realised that he was already wanted by police.

In the end, Mr Multani pleaded guilty to eight charges, including the misuse of identity documents. Fraud investigator Ian Sidney stated: “the risks these people pose when illegally working in the construction industry are huge.”

“Building sites can be hazardous if workers do not have the relevant qualifications and training. We simply will not tolerate any illegal activities and will continue to work with the police to prosecute fraudsters.”

The hazardous nature of construction sites has been brought to light recently, especially with reports of construction accidents on the rise. Recently, two construction workers were killed in a crane collapse in Crewe. Take a look at the full report here.

But that’s not all, another construction worker was repeatedly stabbed whilst on site in Scotland recently. He sustained injuries to the shoulder, neck and other parts of his body. Take a look at the full thing here.

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