Construction projects have been urged to take action following recent years of fatal injuries. The Health and Safety Executive have asked that designers, construction contractors and clients are ensuring that health and safety risks on site are managed. And, consequently, that the health and safety of workers are protected.

According to the Executive, during 2015/2016 forty-three workers were fatally injured. Alongside this, a whopping 400 workers also died due to health issues that were related to working in construction. In addition to this, there were 65,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries also cited.

Recently, issues have also been raised that the industry does not do enough to protect its workers. Take a look at the full report here. And, despite this, recent data has also revealed that the number of health and safety officers is set to be cut by 25%!

The HSE’s campaign on health and safety though will not just be focused on falls and incidents that have occurred at heights. Instead, the campaign will also focus on other issues such as the controlling of harmful substances and dust. Structural safety, welfare provision and materials handling will also be looked into.

The HSE stated: “Harmful dust, whether silica or wood, can be managed effectively with the right design, equipment, and training.”

“While health effects may not be immediate, the ultimate impact on workers and their families can be devastating.”

“In phase one of this campaign HSE’s inspectors found lots of good examples of small sites working safely and protecting workers health from exposure to harmful dusts, proving it can be done.”

“My message to smaller businesses is don’t wait for an accident or a visit from an HSE inspector – learn from the success of others and act now.”

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