Recently, a homeowner was awoken in terror on Thursday morning as a thumping noise began to pound above her, coming from the roof. Too loud to be an animal or even Santa, the homeowner awoke to actually find workers beginning to tear down the roof of her house.

The incident occurred in Markham, Canada, at fifty-eight-year-old Dora Tam’s home. She was woken with a start and discovered that roofers had actually begun to dismantle her roof. It was found that, in fact, the roofers had mistaken Tam’s home for another. Starting work straightaway, without checking in, the roofers began to rip the shingles off of the wrong roof.

And, by the time Dora Tam was woken up, work was well underway and they’d managed to rip off plenty of shingles.

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For this homeowner though, she was able to turn what most people would view as a disaster into a savvy money saving deal. Planning on getting her roof redone next year anyway, Tam spoke to the president of the company and was able to strike up a steal of a deal. Instead of paying $7,000 to have her entire roof redone, instead, she is now only paying only $2,000.

Tam described: “This morning I was so scared, I called animal control, it was banging so loud.”

“But I talked to the company boss.”

“They were supposed to go to the next street.”

“We negotiated, I said I need a new roof, and he said, ‘I will give you a good deal.'”

Well, at least there was a silver lining!

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