Here at On The Tools, we get sent construction fails every day. From a rushed Friday job to the cowboy’s coming into town, to homeowners having a go at DIY. All in all, some of them can be pretty hilarious. So, we decided to put together some of our most recent favourites to cheer you up this bank holiday weekend.

Building over a fire alarm… let’s just hope there isn’t a fire anytime soon!

Cowboy? Or a Friday job? You decide!

Classic case of “not my job”

That’s not how they looked in the show room…

Those plumbing skills!

Fire escapes were getting too easy anyway, needed a bit of a challenge…

This guy definitely ran out of both fixtures and f*cks!

Definitely a Friday job!

Improvisation at its finest…

No other words other than bodge job!

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So what do you think of these? Have you seen some bad bodge jobs recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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