Apparently, construction fines have now more than doubled in comparison to last year due to the introduction of stricter health and safety laws.

Recent research conducted by BLM has revealed that the construction industry is ranked as the most expensive health and safety sector. And since new sentencing was introduced in February, four construction companies have been charged over one million pounds due to health and safety offences!

This new sentencing and legislation sees the courts consider several different factors when deciding upon an appropriate fine though. The culpability, the size of a business, the likelihood of harm and the seriousness of the offence are all considered when a fine is decided.

For firms making a turnover of over £50 million though, they could soon be facing fines of up to £10 million as a result of this new legislation. Not only that, but corporate manslaughter fines could amount to as much as twenty million pounds!

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The head of health and safety at BLM stated: “the construction sector, in particular, has always been considered as one of the most dangerous workplace environments.”

“The industry has been subject to intense scrutiny and investigation by the regulators for many years, with stiff penalties being handed down for health and safety breaches.”

“The new sentencing guidelines reflect historic concerns that fines were proportionately too low for offences.”

“Now, penalties are imposed in proportion to the size of the business rather than using a universal figure for all offences, which sends a strong message to all construction businesses.”

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