Apparently, construction firms could be sued if, later on in life, their workers develop cancer. This is if they have not protected their workers from diesel fumes and in turn, they have developed this deadly disease.

Legally, employers are obliged to provide protection to their workers, and warnings have been issued by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the Health and Safety Executive. This is due to diesel being reclassified, containing “grade 1 carcinogen”. Therefore, this means that diesel is a “definite cause of cancer.”

This reclassification was established after it was found that those exposed to diesel fumes were 40% more likely to develop lung cancer. Employers must ensure that the dangers associated with diesel fumes are assessed and that these risks must be minimised. If not, there is the danger that firms could face prosecution.

Researchers from Imperial College London have stated that 500,000 UK workers are exposed to diesel fumes. Therefore, the recommendation has been made that, “in slow moving or stationary traffic drivers should keep at least a car-length from the vehicle in front, especially diesel’s.”

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“In queues or slow moving traffic keep your windows closed and your air-con on recirculation.”

“Ideally you should also avoid driving at all in rush hour.”

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health stated: “in Britain, over 650 people a year die of lung or bladder cancer as a result of being exposed to diesel exhaust fumes at work.”

“About 800 new cases of cancer linked to diesel exhaust exposure are registered each year.”

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