According to recent research, the construction industry doesn’t do enough to protect its worker’s health!

Specifically, the health of their feet. Apparently, over fifty percent of tradespeople typically spend over nine hours a day on their feet. However, despite this, research has revealed that 90% of workers feel that within the industry, there is not enough done to educate workers about the importance of their foot health.

The survey, conducted by footwear brand Dr. Martens surveyed over six hundred UK tradesmen. From this, they aimed to determine whether or not foot care was considered a priority within the industry. Overall, they established that industry leaders needed to do more to help educate its workforce.

Alongside this, 35% of employees also admitted that they only spent between £20 to £60 on their work boots. This is in spite of 53% requiring S3 protection; the highest level of protection available on the market.

Not only that, but the findings also revealed that 87% of workers worry about what the condition of their feet will be like later on in life. Yet, almost a quarter of workers admitted that they still buy their work boots from non-PPE specialist retailers.

The Global Category Manager at Dr. Martens, Jon Marchant, feels that this reluctance in buying a good pair of work boots could be due to a lack of education about it. He describes: “It’s both extremely disappointing and worrying to learn that the trade industry doesn’t do enough to educate about the importance of foot health.”

“This could explain why work boots are being perceived as an annoyance and an unnecessary expense, instead of a preventative measure to significant injury and even amputation.”

“This needs to change.”

“We, as an industry, should be seeking to actively reduce the amount of life-altering injuries and improve workers’ health as a whole.”

“The research clearly indicates that employers are a key source of information and could do more in terms of educating and encouraging workers to look after their feet.”

“We’re urging employers to put foot health on their agendas and ensure their employees fully understand the importance of correct, comfortable footwear.”

It’s not just footwear either. The health and safety of workers on site is under question at the moment by those within the industry. One group of builders were recently recovered from a building they were working on when the roof collapsed on them. Take a look at the full story here.

Despite this though, according to recent reports, the number of health and safety officers is to be cut by 25%! This has therefore led to a warning being issued about the safety and security of our workers on site.

So what do you think? Could more be done about foot care and general health and safety on site? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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